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Jo Koy’s Golden Globe Monologue: New Hire Key Takeaways

The 81st Golden Globe Awards delivered an array of unforgettable moments, with a lot of guests with the perfect beauty and impeccable fashion gracing the red carpet. It was broadcast live to a global audience and was hosted by Filipino-American comedian Jo Koy, who’s known for his hilarious stand-up comedy and captivating stage presence.

Now, for those who watch the different Hollywood awards events, we all know that the host’s monologue at the start of the show sets the tone and expectations for the rest of the evening. It’s the key moment that any host wants to nail.

Compared to recent years, 2024 was the first time that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) hired a Filipino to take on the responsibility of hosting the prestigious Golden Globe Awards.

Okay, this may be a stretch and the most insane thing.

But I’m going to say that there are a few key takeaways from Koy’s hosting gig for anyone aiming to make a good head start when you start a new job.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the highlights of Jo Koy’s monologue, his approach to addressing a global audience, and the ne hire lessons we can learn from Jo Koy’s Golden Globe monologue.

Understanding Jo Koy’s Golden Globe Monologue

Jo Koy took the awards show’s hosting gig 10 days before the Golden Globes.

The thing is, awards season in Hollywood takes months and months of preparation, even for the host.

Why is that?

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata

Not that it really matters, but hosts usually take on the responsibility of researching and watching all the nominated movies and shows. They also take it upon themselves to get to know the nominated actors and directors on a personal level.

Obviously, it’s a daunting task.

But it helps the host connect with the audience at the event and on television. With the help of the show writers, he gets to work on a different style of relevant and humorous content for the opening monologue.

With only 10 days to prepare, Koy did a crash course on the shows and used his own experiences and comedic storytelling skills to craft an unforgettable monologue.

And when I say unforgettable, I mean that as an understatement.

What were the highlights of Jo Koy’s Golden Globe Monologue?

I’m sure all the highlights of Jo Koy’s Golden Globe monologue are on your feed right now.

Needless to say, his monologue brought about debate and discussion on how his script was delivered to such a tough room to get massive applause.

One highlight was his Barbie joke, saying “…she goes from perfect beauty to bad breath, cellulite, and flat feet. Or what casting directors call character actor.” Director Greta Gerwig and the cast members didn’t really give away their reactions, but we still heard the audience laugh.

Another joke was when he mentioned Robert de Niro and his performance – not of his decades of acting, but of how he got his current girlfriend pregnant at 79 years old to have his seventh child.

When Meryl Streep is in the audience, no host misses mentioning her and her many awards. Koy went on with the same but asked her to do her own version of “Wakanda Forever.” While Meryl was game and obliged, people had mixed reactions to this unexpected moment. Some found it hilarious, while others thought it was a bit cringe-worthy.

Photo by Kampus Production

Finally, we have the very trending Taylor Swift joke about her and her attendance at the games of her NFL (National Football League) boyfriend, Travis Kelce. During his monologue, Koy tells the audience “The big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL? At the Golden Globes, we have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift.”

Was Jo Koy’s Golden Globe Monologue Received Well by the Audience and Critics?

Jo Koy’s Golden Globe monologue received mixed reviews from the audience and critics. Visit Facebook, YouTube, X (formerly Twitter), or any other social media platform and you’ll read a gamut of praises and criticisms of his performance.

Actor and comedian Steve Martin as well as Whoopie Goldberg lauded Koy for taking on the hard job of hosting through a crowd that seems to be increasingly sensitive.

However, some viewers felt that his jokes fell flat, missed the mark, or may even have crossed the line and were not as well-received. His style of humor didn’t resonate with everyone and found certain aspects of his monologue awkward or tasteless.

Obviously, humor is subjective. What one person finds hilarious, another may find offensive.

Despite the mixed reactions, Jo Koy’s monologue undeniably added a unique touch to the Golden Globes and sparked conversations among both supporters and detractors alike.

In the end, comedy always has an element of risk, and Koy fearlessly embraced that challenge on one of Hollywood’s biggest stages during awards season.

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What are the Key Takeaways from Jo Koy’s Golden Globe Monologue?

Now that we’ve explored Jo Koy’s Golden Globe monologue highlights, let’s dive into key takeaways that professionals in any field can apply to their new job.

Be Ready to Hit The Ground Running

Embracing the challenge of starting strong and maintaining momentum is key, just like Jo Koy did when he took the tough gig of hosting the 81st annual Golden Globes.

When you get hired, there’s a certain level of expectation from you to deliver high-quality work right from the start. It’s important to hit the ground running and show your dedication and enthusiasm.

Jo Koy’s Golden Globe monologue exemplifies this as he fearlessly embraced the challenge of hosting a major Hollywood event.

Plus, the fact that he got the job 10 days before the show is a testament to his ability to quickly adapt and deliver under pressure. This shows the importance of being prepared for unexpected opportunities that may come your way.

Know Your Audience

One of the key takeaways from Jo Koy’s monologue is the importance of understanding your audience.

I mean, not that he had to go through thorough research on the A-List celebrities, producers, and directors that were around.

But the problem with his monologue seems to be that he didn’t fully connect with his audience. While he may have had some funny moments, it was clear that not everyone in the room was on board.

This highlights the importance of knowing your audience and tailoring your message accordingly.

Photo by Dani Hart

In any job or profession, understanding who you’re speaking to is crucial. Whether it’s a presentation to your boss, a pitch to potential clients, or a short coffee chat with your colleagues, taking the time to get to know and understand your audience will help you deliver a more impactful and engaging experience.

Read the Room

Mastering the art of reading the room is essential, just as Jo Koy expertly demonstrated.

Award shows like the Golden Globes are known to be filled with a diverse audience, each with their own opinions and sensitivities.

While many people think that Jo Koy wasn’t able to gauge the atmosphere, he managed to navigate the room and plow through his performance accordingly.

Now this is important…

In a new job, observe and understand the dynamics of your workplace.

Being aware of the different personalities, communication styles, and work cultures can help you effectively collaborate and contribute to the team. This can foster positive relationships and make a strong impact very early on.

First Impressions Last Longer Than You Think

Think about the value of this.

Crafting a memorable first impression is an art form that Jo Koy’s Golden Globes Monologue fully grasped. Standing before the audience, it was clear that his initial approach left a lasting impact. A lot of them good, a lot of them bad.

But Impact is impacting.

I mean, search his name online and you’ll see the world reading, watching, and talking about him.

Just like a new job, making a positive first impression can set the tone for your work experience. Whether it’s dressing professionally, showing enthusiasm, or simply being respectful and attentive, every little detail matters.

The impression you make in the beginning will shape how your colleagues perceive you and can even affect your future opportunities within the company.

Photo by George Milton

Expect Comparisons – Take Them in Stride

When stepping into the hosting realm, you’ll face inevitable comparisons and critiques. Jo Koy’s Golden Globe monologue experience offers valuable insights on gracefully navigating such challenges.

What do I mean by this?

Koy’s approach was compared to Ricky Gervais, whose Golden Globe monologues were filled with roasts and scathing humor.

The thing is, Koy’s pleasing personality kept him apologizing for some of his jokes. This kind of apologetic humor might not have pleased all viewers, but it showcased his humility and ability to take criticism in stride.

Of course, the comparisons may have been inevitable, but Koy took them in stride, confidently showcasing his unique talent and winning over the audience with his charm and wit.

By drawing inspiration from Koy, you can learn to manage comparisons, turning them into opportunities for growth.

Starting in a new role will have its share of challenges and comparisons. It’s natural for people to draw parallels with the previous co-worker or compare your style to others in the team.

Instead of getting caught up in the pressure to replicate someone else’s success, focus on embracing your unique talents and strengths. Just as Koy showcased his charm and wit, highlight your individuality and let that shine through in your hosting style.

Remember, not everyone will resonate with every approach you take, but don’t be afraid to showcase your personality and let your true self shine.

Hey, at the end of the day, you can’t please everyone.

Don’t Throw People Under the Bus

Koy got a lot of flack when he said in his monologue “Yo, I got the gig 10 days ago. You want a perfect monologue?…I wrote some of these (jokes), and they’re the ones you’re laughing at.”

Why is that?

He seemed to be throwing his show writers under the bus for coming up with subpar jokes.

However, in his interview with the Los Angeles Times, the context and intention behind Koy’s statement was that he was trying to highlight the last-minute nature of their preparation and add a touch of self-deprecating humor. He admitted that it was a rookie move to say it because he knew that there were a lot of greats in the room who had worked hard on the show.

So it adds up to this: when you get a new job, be mindful of how you talk about your colleagues and the work they’ve done before you arrived.

Just like comedy, your work is a collaborative and team effort, and each member plays a crucial role in creating a successful performance.

Plus, throwing people under the bus isn’t classy.

It’s never okay to bring people down in any kind of environment.

Tomorrow is Another Day

Jo Koy’s Golden Globe monologue is trending as trending can be right now.

Let’s be honest: that one night when a Filipino comedian graced the stage of one of the biggest award shows in Hollywood, led to multiple interviews, widespread fame, and an influx of new opportunities for Jo Koy.

It’s safe to say that he made quite the impression with his wit and charisma.

But as they say, tomorrow is another day. Jo Koy knows that the spotlight may fade, and the buzz around his monologue and hosting gig will eventually die down. However, one thing remains constant – his talent and dedication to his craft.

With that said, keep in mind that taking on a new job can come with its fair share of challenges. It’s natural to feel a sense of pressure and maybe even make a few missteps along the way. Like Jo Koy, who found himself in hot water for his comment about his colleagues’ last-minute preparation.

But let’s not dwell on the negatives.

Instead, let’s focus on the lesson we can learn from this incident.

Photo by Alexander Suhorucov

When starting a new job, approach it with grace and humility. Recognize that you’re part of a team, and your success is intertwined with theirs.

The beauty of this is that you have the opportunity to do things better every single day.

Final Thoughts: Own It

Whew, this has been a little long-winded, I must say.

Nevertheless, Jo Koy’s Golden Globe monologue was undeniably a standout performance that captivated audiences and propelled him further into the spotlight. It may not have been enjoyed by many, but the world now knows Jo Koy.

Isn’t it crazy how one night on that prestigious stage can open doors to endless possibilities and bring well-deserved attention and recognition?

Like anyone stepping into a new role, Koy faced obstacles along the way. But what sets him apart is his ability to embrace those challenges head-on and come out stronger on the other side.

Stepping into a new role can be intimidating, but it also offers endless opportunities for growth and improvement.

So congrats on the new job! Own your journey and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.